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Mountaineer Edurne Pasaban

This beach season, Korean Oh En Sun and Spaniard Edurne Pasabn became the first women to join ultimate boys club climbing all 14 found on earth 8,000 meter peaks. additionally, It wasn well before doubts began to surface regarding whether Oh made it to the true summit of Kangchenjunga. picture taking courtesy of the Edurne Pasabn Collection

The train from San Sebastin to Villabona winds along with mountainous, Green heart of the learning to speak spanish Basque Country. while solving the mission it passes towns with names like Loiola, Martutene, And Erdia who will be perched in the nooks and crannies of the Basque Pyrenees. Small farms and pastures spread with the the highlands, Each interspersed with an old cheap christian louboutin outlet or farm house, typically facing East to welcome the sunrise. Every casero has a a name in accordance with the old Basque belief of "Izena duen guzia omen fordi" "That that includes a name exists, The one I seeking for is called Abeletxe which means "House of canines, It run by Edurne Pasabn, One of the first women to climb all of the highest mountains on the, And perhaps the best mountaineers in history.

I get off the train at Villabona and snag numerous town two taxis. In Basque accented Spanish, the motive force explains to me that Abeletxe isn far, But I never find it by myself. He takes me to the old area of a tiny town called Zizurkil, almost up the Aiztondo valley. following that, I walk past a crumbling church and a few small buildings applied with pictures of Basque separatists, And up a country lane in the middle of steep, hilly pastures where a few cows graze. Abeletxe sits on a top bluff, Overlooking vast majority the valley. while i arrive, A dusting woman lets me in, Leads me through a large restaurant adorned with pictures of Pasabn standing on different mountains just about, And out into a deck experience the views. She points out tiny pueblos in the valley below which are little more than old stone churches surrounded by a few houses.

As she is performing so, Pasabn saunters onto the deck and brings out herself. At 36 years old, She is built like Greek god but while using face of a young girl. She stands a little over six feet tall and has broad shoulder blades. christian louboutin shop online Her presence would be overwhelming if not for kind, Searching eyes which almost always seem to be posing a question, Except in the disarming moments when they definitely soften into a guileless grin. She wears no makeup and only a few pieces of understated and clean jewelry, Including a silver bracelet engraved with what they are called of all 14 8,000 meter highs. struggle to help myself, I snatch a glimpse at her feet. She has two toes that are cut down from frostbite on K2, And she is exhibiting them, Unapologetically, In sandals in jamaica.

We sit down at a picnic table to discuss the good, unhealthy, And the ugly of a life dedicated to alpinism, The moments that almost brought it all piling down, And the controversy that has clouded her greatest athletic being successful.

Can you have a discussion about how you got into climbing?

I was created in Tolosa, the suburbs near here, and lived there until about five years ago. There is a very good climbing tradition in the Basque country so when I was 14, I decided upon a climbing class offered by one of the three climbing clubs in our town. by the time I was 15, I would definitely the Alps. At 16 I took my first trip to the Andes. when i turned 18, I took my first escape to the Himalaya.

What attracted you to the activity?

it sounds a bit pompous to say this, But I found freedom in high altitude climates. I come from a family of businessmen I was born into a house beside the factory owned by my family and from Louboutin Outlet the time I was virtually nothing, I grew up in a business oriented world. My parents continually helped me and provided for me, But they have invariably been very protective of my brother and christian louboutin for cheap me, Maybe given that they were born after the Spanish Civil War in a time of great economic hardship. So I was very sheltered in my home and it was always expected that I would study technological innovation and work in my father's company. backwoods, I was able to find myself because what I was doing (mountaineering) Was totally mine parents didn't have almost anything to do with it. Climbing happens to be something that I have done for myself. that wasn't laid out for me I had to struggle and fight for it. That also cause it so fulfilling.

Was if hard for them when you decided to climb professionally, however?

okay. i do think, Initially, my parents, specifically my father, considered that climbing was the hobby or passing whim of their little girl. But into the future, I thought about at it. I worked with my father in his company for four years and I was in control of machine design. eventually, I told him that I was leaving the business to dedicate my life to climbing. I would start a restaurant even though I didn't know anything about catering, And use the money from that to spend more time climbing. he said:

"You'll come home. is actually a hobby, and you can come back,

But into the future, I think he has concluded that his daughter is very, As we say in spanish language, l'ordre de su casta (Of her or his caste) Which also means very strong willed, Very stubborn, And a simple fact that about what her goals are.

the style the down sides of having pursued your goal to climb the 14 8000ers for nine years?

One of the hardest parts is the toll it takes on the appropriate life. Of course I have my family as well as an amazing group of friends through climbing, But being that dedicated to something makes it problematical to start a family or have a boyfriend. way too, You are risking your life more than other people so being in love affairs is difficult you have to sacrifice a lot on a personal level. What hurts nearly all is that I've attained my goal, I've executed all the 8,000ers, But in certain techniques, I more alone previously.

The Basques are known as people who excelled in outdoor activities. are fantastic mountaineers born or made?

Euskadi (the name for the Basque Country in the native language of Euskera) Is a mountainous land and we have always had a predominant climbing tradition. We also have a lot of old sports, Like stone Louboutin removing, Wood trimming, And open water rowing, That we generally excelled at. So it true that Basques are, As we would like to say, Muy bruto, Which doesn have an exact English interpretation, But mean something similar to, "optimal, nutrition, And a new wild, It something with our roots.

It also true that many good climbers are born with certain first rate traits that help them perform at altitude. as an example, My resting heart rate is 38 beats each and every minute. But beyond the solely phsyical, I think climbing is a greater portion of a mental game. At least 50 percent of it is psychological feeling better, and being able to fight through bad situations when they arise.

What were the worst situations you encountered during the last nine years?

likely, The descent on K2 exactly where I almost died was bad. And really,year, climbing down Kanchenjunga, I got to a point where I told with the rest of my team that I couldn go on, That collectively leave me behind.

What brings a climber just like you to say those words?

on behalf of me, totally egotism, Puro gym duro (Pure and stressful). Of course I didn long for them to leave me, So it was a way of letting them know I was in trouble without necessarily saying it. often times your own pride keeps you from saying those types of things. And that when having fantastic team, Like i had engineered, Becomes most important.

What does your achieving success Louboutin mean to you as a woman?

on one hand, The victory is simply personal and not influenced by gender. Also as an elite athlete, I try to leave social and political agendas out of my proficient life.

on the other hand, As ladies, I think we have the tendency to underestimate ourselves and believe that there are a few things that we aren't capable of simply because we are women. I didn't attempt to prove anything, But if I can be a reference to help women believe in themselves, I will be very content with that.

Many people don't know that, immediately following summitting K2, You began suffereing from your misery and almost quit climbing. Can you talk notes on about that?

in the middle of 1998 and 2004, while i climbed K2, I had to balance rising with work, Which basically meant missing out on many things in my life. I was a woman in her 30s. A woman in her 30s begins to ask herself lots of pros and cons. She begins take into consideration finding a husband, beginning a family, And beginning the species of life that society has inculcated us to want. Everyone around me had that kind of life. my friend, My sisters these products had lives that were socially very acceptable. where there I was doing a sport that, once, Wouldn't even let me support myself. So I to be able to myself: "I'm wagering my life with his sport just lost two toes on K2; I'm 30 some yrs. old; I do not own a partner; I'm starting to contemplating about having children, I felt like a load of things piled up on me all at once and abruptly, I became very depressed.

I was sick for around two years. the particular worst of it, I spent a lot of time more healthy feeling energy or motivation to do anything. Sometimes I didn't even want to get out of bed each morning, significantly less go climbing. People are always telling me that I'm risking my life in the mountains, nevertheless I was sick, I tried to kill myself twice. we have death a lot closer than in the mountain i have come across it in my own home.

2014-09-19 16:52:56

items about Lilly Pulitzer

Lip smacking lime splashed on take no prisoners raspberry. Stop the absuridity? never a, grow it on. It's pink and golf course season. The hot color combo that most of the world would find frightening makes a happy home in the preppy Louboutin Outlet Northeast (And in choice storage compartments of Florida) Every summer season. But this summer, We're even more deluged with the daunting, delightful duo of pink and green.

clothier Lilly Pulitzer dies in Florida

Ellen Wulfhorst with Reuters April 7, 2013

(Reuters) designer Lilly Pulitzer died on Sunday in Palm Beach, the florida area, when he was 81, Her home business said. Pulitzer was recognized for her bright, Cheerful print shift dresses that were common with socialites and evoked a lifestyle of affluence in Florida and New York's Hamptons resorts. Her program, dubbed Lilly Pulitzer, Also made child's wear, Men's wear and domestic goods, Often in line with the same prints and bright colors. "Early today, Lilly Pulitzer.

A very popular blend

a Deborah K. Dietsch, The buenos aires Post October 12, 2003

Want to fit your clothing with your coffee discount louboutin shoes online cup? European coffee maker Gevalia asked a trio of noted fashion designers to splash their signature styles on cups and saucers from Rosenthal China. Each pattern is enlightened by one of 30 plus gourmet blends: Dana Buchman's "Animale" Has a zebra print to settle for Kenyan coffee. "blossom" By Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy is strewn with pink and yellow flowers for a breakfast brew. tigers, Elephants and monkeys parade across Lilly.

Smart strategies: Fire your outfit with coral

after Melissa Magsaysay, Tribune fews flyers August 9, 2009

A pop of coral can easily take a simple summer item from plain to powerful, Just by having a dash of the fiery hue. Coral in all forms is hitting stores in various pieces and in a recent range of prices. jimmy Platt, Owner of Platt Boutique Jewelry in West the movies, Sells antique and estate pieces and has seen a spike in the well-known coral trend. Dietsch, The arizona Post October 26, 2003

Want to fit your clothing with your coffee Louboutin Online cup? European coffee maker Gevalia asked a trio of noted fashion designers to splash their signature styles on cups and saucers from Rosenthal China. Each pattern is stirred by one of 30 plus gourmet blends: Dana Buchman's "Animale" Has a zebra print to play with Kenyan coffee. "bloom, The form by Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy, Is strewn with pink and yellow flowers for a breakfast every day brew. giraffes, Elephants and monkeys celebration across Lilly.

Prep rally

just Wendy Donahue, TRIBUNE REPORTER september 14, 2008

Preppy staples pop up as surely as pompoms and footballs every fall, But this year brings new loftiness to these looks. Cole Haan, Christian Louboutin and other status brands are taking penny loafers to new heel heights, With Nine West following in their footsteps. Plaids are checkering skirts everywhere from Dolce Gabbana to show. and so, Conferring a coveted stamp of style reliability, television "gossip Girl" in addition to the "Mad the guys" Are borrowing lots of Brooks Brothers recommended to their casts.

Perchance, 3512 s. Southport Ave.

By Rebecca little bit of, RedEye special contributor October 20, 2007

The new Lakeview boutique Perchance strikes the proper note with its lush, Vintage glam decor and women shoes, linked with a smart selection of women's and children's clothing and body products. Go christian Louboutin Discount vintage the '40s inspired shoes from Bettye Muller, similar to the gray suede heel with a bow ($405) as well as cute flats ($215) away from Delman, any brand Marilyn Monroe wore in her famous white dress over thegrate photo. the selection of women's apparel is small but stylish,

Perchance, 3512 n. Southport Ave.

By Rebecca tiny amount of, RedEye special contributor October 20, 2007

The new Lakeview boutique cheap louboutins Perchance strikes exactly the required note with its lush, Vintage glam decor and girly shoes, linked with a smart selection of women's and children's clothing and body products. Go vintage employing '40s inspired shoes from Bettye Muller, like the gray suede heel with a bow ($405) or maybe the cute flats ($215) caused by Delman, a similar brand Marilyn Monroe wore in her famous white dress over thegrate photo. picking a women's apparel is small but stylish,

Polo potential

April 25, 2001

There is something reassuringly familiar about the preppy revival which has gathering steam for the christian louboutin for cheap past couple of seasons and has finally arrived in full force for summer 2001. sun and rain of preppy style are fun, Easy to work into any wardrobe and have a sense of nostalgia that invokes more carefree times. a great deal of recall childhood trips with our families, Happily spent in polo shirts and khaki shorts. college and college days may have sailed by in a blur of perfect Fair Isle sweaters and Pappagallo.

2014-09-19 18:17:34

Here's seeing you girl

Carrie will always be remembered for her shoe fetish. In christian louboutin shop online one instance, She says she might be the woman who lived in her shoe phenomenal shoe Louboutin Outlet moments include an incident when she is mugged near West Broadway and the bandit makes off with her Fendi Baguette clutch and Manolo Blahnik pink suede strappy sandals. She asks for reimbursement from a friend after her Manolos are stolen thanks to the friend no shoes at home policy. please remember how devastated she was when Miranda water broke over her pink ruffled heel Louboutins?

The tutu is identifiable with Carrie. She sports one in the opening credits and the tutu made a comeback in the first film when Carrie did a closet remove with her friends, Miranda, Samantha and charlotte now, Before she moved alongside Mr. lar. The girls proven vote? vital keep!

It didn come as a big shock to anyone that Carrie was chosen by her editor to be featured in Vogue, Just before she was to get married, In bridal premium. From Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta to alfredia Dior and Carolina Herrera, Every gown sat pretty on Carrie but the stunning Vivienne Westwood one was what carried her discount louboutin shoes online and all of us away.

A genius when it came cheap christian louboutin outlet to accessorising, Carrie wore a plain cheap christian louboutin heels white tank top and among her signature oversized flower pins and a beautiful printed Dior saddlebag. It was shortly after this that floral print bags became a rage around the world. Her feathered handbag was another thrilling design element. She also carried a chic Eifel Tower designer purse in the first movie. deciding on Season 6 ended in Paris, It looked like Carrie couldn leave the beautiful cheap christian louboutin heels city and head to Manhattan without bringing something which represented her time there.

2014-09-19 23:20:26
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여풍당당 박근혜 보도자료   책 소개 “저의 목표는 단지 하나입니다. 위기의 조국을 구하는 것입니다.” (I’m in to save my country)     5...
박희영 의 유머경영 책이 CWPC CEO 필독서로 2012년7월에 선정되었습니다. (477)
작성일 : 2012-06-29   보기 : 52987   추천 : 1997
1 경청호 현대백화점  부회장 2 곽동윤 KOTRA  본부장 3 구본진 안산검찰청  차장검사 4 김계조 소방방재청 &...
하루에 끝내는 책쓰기 강좌’ (485)
작성일 : 2012-06-25   보기 : 35444   추천 : 1944
‘하루에 끝내는 책쓰기 강좌’ 주최 : 김태광 비전연구소 주관 : 도서출판 행복에너지,아이이펍,해피허브 후원: 출판저널, 도전한국인운동본부, 전 국민 책 쓰기 운동본부(가칭)     ● 왜 책을 써야 하는가? 1. 나...
좋은 책을 만들어 드립니다. (707)
작성일 : 2012-03-22   보기 : 40252   추천 : 2008
대표이사 권선복 프로필 (366)
작성일 : 2012-02-03   보기 : 59376   추천 : 2522
권선복 행복에너지 출판사 대표님의 사회로 성황리에 개최된 출판기념회! (873)
작성일 : 2012-01-01   보기 : 58459   추천 : 3308
권선복 행복에너지 출판사 대표님의 사회로 성황리에 개최된 출판기념회! 스포츠에서 가장 중요한 것이 '지독한 승부근성'과 '혹독한 자기관리(연습)'라면 이것은 우리 삶에서도 마찬가지인 것 같습니다. 성공하고자...
이미지 등록하는 법 (348)
작성일 : 2011-11-21   보기 : 36226   추천 : 1987
원하시는 이미지가 있는 곳에 가셔서   이미지에 마우스를 올리시고 마우스 오른쪽 버튼을 누르시면 다른이름으로 그림저장이라는 메뉴가 있습니다.   클릭하셔서 내 컴퓨터에 저장하신 후에   행복에너지 게시판 글...
<성공한 내 모습을 상상하라> 독후감을 공모합니다. (310)
작성일 : 2011-11-03   보기 : 27351   추천 : 1839
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